Fun ways to burn cals!


The idea of spending one hour at a gym running on the treadmill, bench pressing weight and using universal weight machines turn more people off than a hair found in your favorite dish. It’s boring! It is beneficial though if done correctly but boring! So what are activities that you can do to burn fat, stay in shape and have fun doing it? Well here are my favs!!


Join a league sport!! Flag football, league basketball, volleyball, softball etc. Even if you’re 60 sports are FUN!! I roll up into Covenant Presbyterian Church and do Cardio Funk for an hour and shortly after several guys get together and play basketball. The ages of these guys span from early 40’s to late 60’s and these guys look DOPE!! So play sports!

FUN RUNS and more

The color runs are soooooo popular! Find one and do it! There are fun bouncy obstacle course activities here in the Charlotte area too! Another thing are the mud runs and Spartan races, google the next one near you and do it! You get to go through fun obstacles get dirty and look cool posting the pics to INSTAGRAM, FB, TWITTER etc! Bottom line it’s fun!!! You need to train for this so there is some prep work that goes into this. Doing proper training will do nothing but help you shape up! Here’s my tip do a lot of running and interval strength training! Look to be as competitive as you can be and go hard! Don’t hold back! These events are fun, fun, fun!!


It’s a little taboo but making love burns cals!!!! Don’t be offended it is what it is, the more love you make the more cals you’ll burn and generally the happier you’ll be!! Research shows that active sex lives physically keeps you in shape and mentally enhances you overall. Human beings have a natural desire for affection; and it’s fun!!!!! So enjoy it and know that you’re doing more than just burning calories! 😉

Play with the kids

Toss the Iphones, Ipads, and electronic devices away and go play hide n go seek!! Parents stop letting electronic devices entertain your kids, play with them! It burns cals! Duck, duck goose, baseball in the back yard, riding bikes together! Yes, it’s awesome!! Kids are imaginative by nature let them lead the way and follow! Their energy will keep you young as well!

So that’s my top ways to burn fun calories! Do more of these things and working out won’t seem so blah!!




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