How do the busiest women I know stay fit


So we are on the downward slope of 2014 and it was a fantastic year for me. I personally had many successes and saw so many people transform their bodies in front of my eyes. It’s great to see people each day that continue to make healthy living a priority. It’s motivating for me! Speaking of motivation, many of us struggle with this. The daily grind to work, take care of our families, and still find time and money to eat well, and workout can be tough. Most of my successful clients are women who have very busy lives working, being a wife, a mother and some embody all 3.  Although, they have very busy lives they still make working out a priority and are active every day! I spoke with 4 women. One who is married, works full-time in the medical field, has 2 children ages 4 an 12.  I spoke with two single women who are very busy professionals with very busy work schedules, one works in the marketing field while the other is a licensed counselor. Lastly, I spoke with one married woman who is expecting, works full-time in accounting and her job requires some travel. I add that all four of these women look awesome!! Here are the common things that they all do.

Finding something you like

There’s nothing worse than running on a treadmill to me! I hated it but would do it because I knew I burned tons of calories. These ladies agree. They told me that they never made fitness as much of a priority as they do now, but have found workouts they love doing. This changes the game entirely! So what workouts are they doing? Cardio Funk, Cross-Fit, Athletic Conditioning, Boot Camp and one trains with me. Not all of them do all these but between these exercises they’ve found motivation to workout because they love what these workouts do for their body and mind. These ladies agree that if it were not for finding something they like it’d be tough to want to just run. Heck half the women admitted they hate running, HAHAHA! So find your thing!


Being prepared is vital. They all agree that they have their gym bags always ready daily. One packs an additional bag in her car as a back up in case she forgets her normal bag. In addition, they have a contingency plan if work throws a wrench in their gym plans. Half of them have signed up to my on the go workouts at that require little to no equipment. The others have invested in equipment that they can use at home and do their own workouts. So be prepared for the unexpected.

Food Discipline

These ladies definitely do NOT eat a daily intake of Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast, burgers for lunch and wings for dinner! Food choices are a significant part of their lives. Overall, the group uses portion control, lean meats baked or grilled, green veggies and managing to a lower carb program as a means of staying lean.  Even with busy lives, they all suggest that there are many places to eat, on the go, that have good food choices. When they do make bad food choices their solution is to workout even harder.

So find the exercise(s) you like, be prepared and make better food choices! By doing this you can simply be sexy 365 days a year!













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