Cardio Funk

Cardio Funk is a very fun way to kick start your way to being fit 4 life! We use basic dance inspired moves, blended with high energy cardio driven routines to kick start you into the wonderful world of weight loss!  Cardio Jam can burn between 600-1000 calories an hour!

Click the link to check out Cardio Funk in action!

Come check out Cardio Funk in the following locations:  Bailey Middle/ Cornelius Park & Recreational Center (Lake Norman Area), Covenant Presbyterian (Center City Charlotte), and Pineville Park & Rec (South Charlotte Area).  Each class is only $5.00, no membership required!  See you there!

Bailey Middle/ Cornelius P&R 11900 Bailey Rd. Cornelius, NC
Covenant Presbyterian- 1000 E. Morehead Dr, Charlotte, NC
Pineville P&R 1000 Johnston Dr. Pineville, NC.