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Ballin on a budget! How to eat healthy without going broke!

It was a cold wintery day in February. I rose up out of bed, went to do my morning ritual of taking a whiz, brushing my teeth and taking a hot shower. When I stepped out of the shower and all of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of some unflattering love handles! They were […]

Fun ways to burn cals!

The idea of spending one hour at a gym running on the treadmill, bench pressing weight and using universal weight machines turn more people off than a hair found in your favorite dish. It’s boring! It is beneficial though if done correctly but boring! So what are activities that you can do to burn fat, stay […]

How do the busiest women I know stay fit

So we are on the downward slope of 2014 and it was a fantastic year for me. I personally had many successes and saw so many people transform their bodies in front of my eyes. It’s great to see people each day that continue to make healthy living a priority. It’s motivating for me! Speaking of motivation, […]

New Year, New Website!

Energyve has a new website! You can use the website to learn more about the different services offered, including: Cardio Jam SWATT Training 5k / 10k Training Personal Training Dietary Assistance Massage Therapy Also, a new calendar with all the training schedules is up and running. Please be sure to check it out! We would […]